Diamond Tool, Power Tool, TCT Saw Blade Manufacturer in China

Specializing in the production of various tools since 1994, BOSUN TOOLS Company is now the largest diamond tool manufacturer in China. We are able to provide a wide range of diamond tools, power tools, and TCT tools to fit all of our customers' needs. Our primary products include, but are not limited to, a general purpose blade, concrete blade, diamond core bits, floor saw, hammer drill, and steel cutting saw blade. With the features of being highly sharp, abrasion resistant, and efficient, our products are widely used for cutting a variety of hard and brittle materials in many industries.

    1. F1 General Purpose Blade
    2. F1 General Purpose BladeThe F1 general purpose blade consists of a main body and a rigid cutting blade that contains diamond. Based on the customers' requirements, the general purpose blade can be used in the traditional dry cutting as well as wet cutting with water. After cutting, the kerfs will be smooth and no damage would be made with the edge. BOSUN adopts advanced welding technology to strengthen the adhesion between the body and blade ...
    1. Concrete Blades
    2. Concrete BladesThe concrete blade is designed for the Brazilian market as there is great demand for concrete with the coming FIFA World Cup in 2014 and Olympics in 2016 creating many opportunities in the construction field. As a professional manufacturer and supplier in China, BOSUN developed the concrete blade to meet such demand and help you seize these opportunities.
      A common diamond blade can hardly be satisfying in cutting concrete because ...
    1. Diamond Core Bits
    2. Diamond Core BitsThe diamond core bit is designed by BOSUN, a professional manufacturer and supplier of diamond tools, to drill reinforced concrete, abrasive concrete, asphalt, bricks, granite, marbles and other construction materials. The diamond core bit features simple structure and good performance of strength, wear-resistance and impact resistance.
      With high sharpness, the diamond core bit can drill hard stones efficiently ...
    1. Double Row Cup Wheel
    2. Double Row Cup WheelThe double row cup wheel is specially designed by BOSUN to grind and polish the incised stones to make them more flat and smooth. As a good grinding tool is the key to a good processing effect, we recommend our double row cup wheel as first choice. The double row cup wheel is a wheel body with diamond segments welded, which contains diamond grits and agglutinant. Moreover, the corners of the material will be processed as well as the other parts.
    1. GSA Floor Grinding Machine
    2. GSA Floor Grinding MachineThe GSA-250 floor grinding machine features a strong 2.2 Kw motor. Our product grinds concrete and stone and it is also suitable to work on both wet and dry floor. Additionally, the foldable handle and well-designed frame makes our floor grinding machine very easy to be transported.
      The floor grinding machine meets the industrial standards.
    1. Masonry Saw
    2. Masonry SawThe masonry saw features high cutting capacity for different materials such as stone, concrete and ceramics. Our masonry saw is very efficient thanks to the high power asynchronous motor. Besides, the saw offers marks to make 45º and 90º cutting making easier and convenient.
      Additionally, power protection device is adapted in our masonry saw to prevent the motor from any potential damage in overloading.
    1. Universal Saw Blade
    2. Universal Saw BladeThe universal circular TCT saw blade adopts high-performance alloy sintered by nanoscale tungsten carbide, cobalt and other rare metals with advanced technology. Sharp and durable, the universal circular TCT saw blade is broadly used in cutting solid wood in home decoration, construction, engineering and other industries. Precision of our universal circular TCT saw blades are greatly improved as BOSUN imported the CNC automatic ...
    1. Special Steel Cutting Saw Blade
    2. Special Steel Cutting Saw BladeThe ferrous metal saw blade has been designed by BOSUN, a professional manufacturer and supplier with more than 20 years experience, to cut ferrous metal. As one of the special steel cutting saw blades, the ferrous metal saw blade is equipped with unique alloy segments which are sharp and have high strength, long service life as well as good impact resistance. Precision of the ferrous metal saw blade is also improved by importing ...

In order to evolve with the changing needs of the market, we at BOSUN focus on constantly creating new diamond tools, power tools, and TCT tools. Each year, we invest over 5% of our annual income in research and development. In addition, we have established cooperative relationships with renowned universities and technical institutes, like Beijing General Research Institute for Nonferrous Metals, Shanghai Electric Tool Research Institute, and more. Our R&D team also participates in technical exchanges with world famous companies like British De Beers Company, German Dr. Fritsch Company, etc. We also offer members of our technical engineer staff overseas training opportunities. As a result of the above factors, we are able to continuously provide innovative products, including our general purpose blade, floor saw, PCD cup wheel and others, to our customers.

With eighteen years of experience in the tool industry, we at BOSUN have the capability of performing product development, manufacturing, inspection, and sales activities independently. This makes it easy for us to control our product quality and use of company resources. To ensure product quality without compromising production efficiency, we use automated production and inspection equipment, such as a German automatic cold press, vacuum hot press, CNC laser welding machine, blade bending strength testing machine, etc. In addition, the implementation of the ISO9001 quality management system and ERP management system contributes to our high quality and low management cost. Therefore, we can provide our quality diamond cup wheels, floor grinding machines, PCD cutting tools, and other products at competitive prices. Global customers can also have peace of mind in purchasing our tools as they have received German MPA, European Union EN, and CE certifications.

We have provided our quality and economical diamond tools, power tools and TCT tools to customers from many parts of the world, including more than 20 European countries, North America, Southeast Asia, and more. In order to better serve our international customers, we at BOSUN have three overseas subsidiaries, in the United States, Canada, and Brazil. This enables us to quickly meet customers' needs and also greatly reduces shipping costs.